Trait-based approach to the Biological Pump

A particular ambition of our trait based approach is to provide a means to predict the structure and function of communities and ecosystems.

This part of the project seeks to use our trait-based approach to address a specific and highly relevant function of the marine ecosystem:the flux of biogenic carbon into the deep ocean. 

Biological pump
Carbon export flux and plankton traits

Here, we develop the full sized-based trophic model bridging from bacteria and phytoplankton to multicellular zooplankton by combining the unicellular and community models described previously. Along with size and resource acquisition,defence traits are expected to be important in that they impact not only trophic interactions, but also sedimentation. Vertical migration, is likewise an important behavioural trait that will be included. The model will be suitably simplified and use moment closure to reduce the number of state variables. The model will be implemented in the 1D environment to examine the biological pump at different seasons and latitudes, and will also allow us to examine effects of climate change.