Illustrations of reproduction, growth, physiology and habitat, feeding, and species in the collection

A trait collection of marine fish species

Thursday 02 May 19



We compiled 14 traits of 1700 marine fish species on three latitudinal gradients to facilitate large-scale studies on fish traits and functional diversity of fish communities.

This dataset contains traits of marine fish observed during international scientific bottom-trawl surveys regularly conducted in the Northeast Atlantic, Northwest Atlantic and the Northeast Pacific, primarily targeting demersal species (bottom-dwelling). Traits collected include 14 continuous and categorical traits including maximum length and age, habitat, body shape, caudal fin shape, aspect ratio, growth parameters, fecundity, offspring size, spawning type, age at maturity, feeding mode and trophic level. The majority of trait values were sourced from FishBase (Froese and Pauly, 2019), and have been supplemented with values from primary literature.

Dataset can be found here

Beukhof, Esther; Dencker, Tim S; Palomares, M L D; Maureaud, Aurore (2019): A trait collection of marine fish species from North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific continental shelf seas. PANGAEA,
26 JUNE 2022